Cow Dog Stories

Buddy, A Cowdog With Courage
A true story

Buddy stood anxiously by Sandi’s side. He wanted so badly to jump into the battle, but he wouldn’t go against his master's will. He knew he could do something to help the cowboy. He whined and fidgeted about as he watched the old cow ram the cowboy’s horse up against the fence.

The old cow was only protecting her baby. She had no way of knowing the cowboy was only trying to help her. He just wanted to open the gate in the corner of the corral so she and her baby could go out into the green pasture. There is nothing stronger and more ferocious than a mother when she thinks someone is trying to harm her baby.

Buddy actually barked when he saw the cow lift the horse clear off the ground with her head. A bark from Buddy as with most Border Collies is a rare thing. Sandi feared for the safety of her partner but when she saw the cow lift the horse and heard the bark, she released Buddy into action. Sandi loved her dog, but it looked like it was a matter of life and death. If that old cow ever got the cowboy on the ground, he could wind up pushing up daisies.

Buddy’s claim to fame was his nose swings. He would catch a cow or bull by the nose and hang on until they changed their mind. When the bovine gave up and stopped, he would drop off and let them go peacefully. This old girl had no intention of giving up and the fight was on. She had met her match in Buddy - he never gave up in his life!

Buddy’s attack gave a grateful cowboy and a grateful horse a chance to get the gate open. The cow now focused on the dog instead of the horse and didn’t notice her chance for freedom. She just kept on fighting Buddy. She got him down on the ground at the base of a tree and was working him over pretty good. Buddy being Buddy still never let go.

Once the cowboy got the gate open, he had the opportunity to return the favor. He took his rope from the saddle horn and roped the baby’s back feet. When the cow heard her baby cry and saw it being dragged out of the gate she ran to the rescue. Buddy released his nose hold and she followed her baby out the gate. The cowboy dropped the rope and ran a safe distance away. The calf stepped out of the lope and followed its mama off to greener pastures.

Both horse and rider were unscathed by the whole thing. However, Sandi knew Buddy was hurt because she had never before heard him cry. In the heat of the battle she had heard him give a little yelp. A close examination by the vet revealed only a broken toe. Buddy would live to do many more heroic acts.

Buddy lived to ripe old age and in spite of his courage and determination that broken toe would be the only injury he ever sustained.

Butch & Jake: A true story in the life of a cowdog.

Butch lifted his ears and tipped his head side to side, listening for the distant cow bells. He was waiting for a word from his master. All Jake had to say was “OK! Butch” and he would be gone. Butch had to travel through some of the roughest country in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

That part of the country was steep and brushy, but this area was made even more difficult by deep crevices created by the huge water cannons use by the gold miners. They called it Hydraulic mining - A process by which water pressure was used to erode the soil form the mountain side in order to get the gold out. The Hydraulic mining left straight drop offs 100 feet or more. Impossible for man or beast to cross.

Butch and Jake had learned the country and were able to work around the roughest parts. Butch had never failed to bring back cattle. Jake would always wait near the place from where Butch was sent, sometimes as much as 2 hours before the sound of clanging cow bells grew near. It was always a sigh of relief when his partner showed up with cattle.

Jake stood nervously checking his watch. Butch had been gone well over 2 hours and still no cattle. Jake knew if he left his post he would be letting his partner down. After 3 hours he decided to take action. He rode to the nearest phone and called his wife.  By the time she showed up with the pickup it was almost sundown and still no Butch. They drove the old logging and mining roads calling from the windows and honking the horn.

After several hours they finally gave up and headed home without their beloved partner. Fear had overtaken them. They thought of all the possible things that Butch could have run into, everything from falling off a cliff to wild animals. If he was still alive and hurt his chances of surviving the night in the mountains would be slim.

As the tears rolled down their cheeks the pickup truck rounded a corner, and there in the road the head lights shown a herd of about 30 cows being herded down the road toward home by one little red and white Border Collie. Their tears turned to tears of joy as they called Butch into the cab of the truck with them. Among all the dog kisses and wagging tail they noticed something on the truck seat. The cab light revealed bloody dog prints. Butch had worn his pads completely off on the rough rocky ground, yet he never quit his job. When Jake wasn’t where he had left him Butch decided to take the cattle all the way home - a distance of 10 or more miles!

The next day Jake was able to follow the cow tracks back to where Butch had picked them up. Butch had to take the cattle several miles around to get them past one of those huge crevices left by the miners.


Watch for more stories coming soon!


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