Free Cow Dog Training Videos

Due to techinical issues that some of our customers were having in downloading our videos, we have decided to make ALL of them available FOR FREE for a limited time.

This 20 minute video reviews how your stockdog can assist you in sorting cattle. It assumes that your dog has basic gathering skills, and shows some helpful techniques for teaching your dog how to be an asset while sorting, rather than a liability.

This 20 minute video teaches you techniques for teaching your dog to work with your horse, and to not consider your horse to be livestock.

This 9 minute video describes what a rodear dog needs to know in order to be competitive in a rodear competition.

This 17 minute video will explain to you the major qualities that a Rodear Horse should possess. This is not a horse training video, but rather an informative video about what your horse needs to know in order to be an effective Rodear competitor.


This 8 minute video is an introduction on how to assist your dog on making the transition from sheep to working cattle.

Cow savvy is perhaps the most important element in working cattle with a cowdog. This 15 minute video offers tips for controlling cattle in an arena trial situation.

This 14 minute video shows you how to teach your dog to do good dependable out run. Out run or gather is the the most important thing you can have on a cowdog and should be second nature to your dog.


INSTRUCTIONS to View ALL Our Free Videos!: 
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